Traveling in the Mountains
20 11月 2019

Traveling in the Mountains

Li Ming is a lens-based artist and an architect who has classical Chinese painting and calligraphy training. In his work “Traveling in the Mountains”, he displaces traditional Chinese silk or rice paper with Chinese official newspapers and the wastewater collected from an air purifier used in his home as a replacement of traditional ink, to paint classical Chinese mountains and waters paintings. Smog has become a nightmare in most area of China for more than a decade, there is no escape from it. The political and social suppression in China is parallel to the smog and people have no choice under this state-capital power, there is no escape from it. The official media always whitewash the truth and lie to the people. Li tries to find the spiritual support from classical Chinese paintings in which there seems to be in the ideal world, and he takes it as a way of nonviolent resistance just as ancient literati. This series of work is a direct and angry reaction to the reality in China. Using poor material and painting in rapid and emotionally charged brushwork to depict the remote ideal aesthetics, however, the ideal world seems cannot come into a coherent form, and the classical world seems being deconstructed again in the circumstance. There is a dilemma of positioning oneself in relation to the reality and the ideal. Is there still the possibility to survive as a reclusive, as a remnant in contemporary time? Will the resistance to the global state-capital power be possible?

Yan Zhou

Creation date: 2017-2018

Size: 53.58cm*33.07cm,53.58cm*38cm

Material: waster water from home air purifier on newspaper, framed paintings on recycled newspapers ,Allow double-sided printing copy, on-site gift.