20 11月 2019

Two Month Parties

Manluan Hui’s Village is 3km away from Mansai Hui’s village. Most villagers there  are Dai people, but believe in Islam-Hui people’s religion. So they are called as “Paxi Dai”, which means “Dai people believing in Hui’s religion, or Islam.”

The 1-month-old Yu Guang was born in an ordinary family of Manluan. She has a Han (the major nationality in China) name after his Han father, Zhang Yuxiao. Her mother, Yu Yan is a local woman, but her father is originally from Hebei Province (in central China), married her mother after the military service at Laoshan Mountain, Yunnan Province (in southwest China). They got the first daughter after 9 years of marriage. Yu Guang is already the 2nd girl born in the big family within 2 month. Yu Layuan is the first one 45 days older than her. Before Yu Layuan, her parents have got a twin sisters–11-year-old girls now studying in the village’s primary school. Yu Layuan’s father is the brother of Yu Guang’s mother. Yu Layuan’s mother, Yu Ying, is from the Mansai village 3km away, a family with only 2 daughters. She moved to the village after marriage, and left her younger sister and brother-in-law living with her parents. Her father is the head of Mansai, her original village.

By following the Dai’s tradition, new born boys should be named after “Ai”, while girls “Yu”. In the big family, no boy was born for long. But the old marriage tradition, i.e. the spouse married a Paxi Dai person must convert to Islam after marriage, effectively sustains the ethnic group. The 2 month parties celebrating the births of the 2 girls within 2 months again strengthened the family bond and the exclusive network.

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