20 11月 2019


“Interval,” in modern Chinese, is defined as “gap” or “blank space.” 

I have left my hometown for years, i.e. my birthplace, an open and vast land in the north of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, where multiple nationalities are living. In history, this was a part of the Silk Road; but today, it is the most remote area in China. Theses photos originally recorded my visits to the places where my father’s generation had been, my grandfather and father had worked. In four years after the year of 2012, I traveled through oases, passes, villages and towns, to search for the legends and stories about those places. 

The once prosperous Silk Road has gone forever, while my hometown experienced great changes. Mountains are still there, but other things changed, while seemingly unchanged. 

My steps gradually reached beyond the range of my hometown, and extended to the ancient paths in the remote desert. There, the changes in surfaces of things perfectly reflect the changes in people’s minds. 


Creation date: 2012-2015

Size: L 100cm*80cm,S 50cm*40cm

路 青海共和


白马 青海刚察


青海湖 青海黑马河



球桌 青海锡铁山


油田宿舍 青海花土沟


矿山 青海锡铁山


旧物 青海西宁


水边羊群 青海龙羊峡


天际线1 青海西宁


天际线2 青海多巴



午餐 青海马海


机场 陕西西安


高墙 新疆若羌


余晖 新疆吐鲁番


废弃的监狱 青海哇玉香卡


假花 青海茶卡


除夕 青海西宁